Girl Bee You Stress Managment Workshop:
In this workshop, we focus on the keyword "Balance"

This workshop focusses on the everyday stresses our girls face.  How to identify stress and how your body responds? Ways to bring your mind, body, and soul back to a balanced state.   

My Body & My Hair & My Purity
Beauty is how I see it:  Today we have so many false perceptions of what beauty is.  This workshop will help girls understand how media sets false advertisement on what the world screams beautiful is.  Girls will start off with a pre-assessment on how beautiful they feel they are.  After the topics and photoshopped images are revealed girls with re-rate themselves.


Friendzone: This workshop focusses on healthy relationships. Defining morals and boundaries are the first step towards a healthy relationship.  Understanding abuse in friendships (signs and ways to avoid being abused).  How to address conflict amongst peers and conflict resolution.  Setting a foundation of forever friend mentality.

Social Media
The cyber world and your stamp:  In this workshop, we will help define the do’s and the don’ts of the cyberspace.  We will discuss in detail internet etiquette, text messages, sexting, social media accounts, pictures and more.  Our goal is to ensure our participants are geared with a real understanding of how the internet can either help or hinder them from becoming their greatest version.

Career Development
I want to bee:  This workshop is possibly one of the most important workshops our program offers.  Without a clear vision or direction, it makes it difficult to implement positivity in one’s life.  This workshop will focus on the career path and research. Clarification between a job and a career.  Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Public Speaking
My Voice:  This workshop will help empower our girls to develop public speaking skills and build confidence.  Public speaking is a key skill needed to become your greatest version.  Each girl will be required to present a topic of their choice to the group during this workshop.

Financial Literacy
Currency:   This workshop will go over credit, debt, income, savings, fraud and much more.  This section will help provide a deep understanding relating to financial stability. 

Presentation Matters:  This fun workshop will help girls understand just how powerful their presentation is.  Whether it be understanding dinnerware or the appropriate attire for various occasions.  Everything will be covered to ensure our girls are prepared to leave their stinger at the table.

 Parent Night
Help is Here:  Whether it’s how to address the I want a boyfriend topic or my daughter’s body is changing how do I explain it? We will take the time as parents/guardians to help identify and address challenges or questions we all face relating to our girls.  Open Forum discussion and exchange of numbers for all parents to stay connected with their daughter's group.

(25 minimum students required to bring the program to your organization or school)  
*Other topics available upon request*

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