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Handling Risky Business is proud to present Girl Bee You: An outreach program geared towards helping girls become their greatest version of themselves today.  We are excited to provide a safe environment where girls ages 10-17 can participate in several activities to help identify their true potential.  Handling Risky Business, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to provide direction for at-risk youth with an emphasis on enhancing financial, entrepreneurial, social and educational skills.  Our organization is focused on educating, empowering, developing communication skills with a strong emphasis on self-respect.

Making a 360-degree investment in our at-risk youth by educating and empowering our future leaders of the world.  
Girl Bee You workshops are discussion/activity based and presented in a peaceful non-classroom setting.  We are geared to addressing the challenges that our young girls are facing in a tough world that we all live in.  They must learn just how powerful their sting is. These workshops will help our girls put a positive sting back into the community and their future.  Girl Bee You will be offered to schools and community outreach efforts throughout the year.  Our workshops are for girls ages 10-17, and we have a special day for parents to attend as well. 

Girl Bee You will allow a safe, girl zone only atmosphere where girls can feel free to discuss concerns that may be too difficult to talk about with parents or friends.  We will also empower our girls on a self-discovery of becoming their greatest version.   Programs will cover various topics and a beginning and ending survey will be given to all participants to rate the impact of the discussion.

Girl Bee You workshops can accommodate groups of 10-50 participants.  The workshop will be scheduled to fit your needs as the requestor.  Normal workshops are scheduled for 30 –90-minute sessions.  Our workshop is a great addition to schools, community outreach programs and parents.  We strive to help our girls discover passion, principles, and persona within our girl participants. Inside or outside seating is available upon request.